Long Term Disability Benefits

Long term disability benefits are meant to compensate you if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. However, insurance companies routinely deny a large percentage of long term benefits claims. Adjusters look for technicalities or unclear medical evidence as justification for turning down your application.

If you are unable to work but your long term disability claim has been denied, consulting a personal injury lawyer is a smart move. An attorney working on your behalf has several options available, including:

• Issuing a demand letter, which sometimes leads to prompt payment
• Producing additional medical or other evidence to help clarify the reasons why you can’t work
• Bringing a lawsuit which is settled before trial, or
• Taking the insurer to trial

Every long term disability policy is different and every case is unique. If you are unable to access the benefits you need, consulting a personal injury lawyer might help you get the results you deserve.
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Benefits When You Are Unable to Work Due to Illness or Injury

Long-term disability benefits are often part of workplace insurance; it’s estimated that 9.6 million Canadians have coverage through their workplace policies. Many others have private insurance plans that offer short and long-term disability benefits. This insurance is designed to pay benefits when you are unable to work due to injury or illness. Most policies will provide you with a percentage replacement for your income as long as you remain unable to work.
However, insurance companies are notorious for denying long term benefits claims. Paying out these claims is costly for them, so insurance adjusters work hard to find reasons for turning down a claim. Some of the most common reasons that claims are refused include:
  • Clerical errors. If any required document is not filed on time, an application can be denied.
  • Pre-existing conditions. If the company can prove that you had a pre-existing condition when you took out the policy, it will be voided.
  • Meeting Disability Definitions: The most common reason why insurance companies deny claims is because of failure to meet the current definition of disability.
If you are unable to work, but your long term disability claim has been denied, delayed or terminated, a personal injury lawyer can help. These attorneys are familiar with the insurance company requirements and have a number of strategies they employ. These include writing a legal demand letter, producing additional medical evidence or filing a lawsuit.
These lawyers often work on a contingency basis, which means that no legal fees are due until compensation has been received. If you are in a dispute with your insurance company, consulting with a personal injury lawyer may help to turn the tide in your favour.

Long-Term Disability Lawyers in Toronto

You might not be aware of this, but many workplaces do have benefits available to people who become disabled. Long-term disability benefits (LTD) are available through your insurance company.
Insurance companies can deny you long-term disability benefits, but if you hire a disability lawyer they will help you get the benefits that you deserve and are entitled to.

Disability Benefits in Ontario

There is certain criterion in Ontario for disability benefits and the application process can be difficult for people that are unfamiliar with the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). A lawyer can give you straightforward advice, when applying for long-term disability benefits, and make sure that you receive the compensation you were looking for.